Service Learning Assignments, Expectations, Requirements


Service Learning Handbook 2016 (word)

Service Learning Handbook 2016 (pdf)

Service Learning 2016 Assignments-Requirements-Expectations (word)

Service Learning 2016 Assignments-Requirements-Expectations (pdf)


Service Learning Introduction with Alison Cope Part I

Service Learning Introduction with Alison Cope Part II


artisticabilities1131. READING ASSIGNMENTS. Reading assignments are due before each meeting. Notes from readings should be taken and recorded in your sketchbook/journal. Please identify your notes with the chapter and page numbers covered in your reading.

Read the following from Differentiated Instruction in Art by Heather Fountain:

BEFORE Meeting 1: Chapter 1 – “What is Differentiated Instruction?” Pp 8 – 27.                                                                                                                                                                           Chapter 5 – “Getting Started” – Pp 84 – 114.

BEFORE Meeting 2: Chapter 6 – “Curriculum” Pp 115 – 146.

BEFORE Meeting 3: Chapter 2 – “History and Foundations” Pp 28 – 47.

BEFORE Meeting 4: Chapter 3 – “Why Teach This Way?” Pp 48 – 65.

BEFORE Meeting 5: Chapter 4 – “One Teacher, Many Roles” Pp 66 – 83.


2. TEACHING and PLANNING. A good teacher is prepared and available to his or her students at all times. Your responsibilities as a teacher img_2334include:

  • Developing a plan for each class/lesson. Plans need to be completed and turned in (by 11:00 AM) one week before you teach to using Google Docs.
  • Maintain a positive attitude while working with students.
  • Prepare all materials; be set-up for your lesson at least one hour before the starting time. (Participants often come early.)
  • View the first five studio introduction videos on the Art Education Facilities and Resources page.
  • Clean-up all materials; returning them to the proper location. Sweep and mop floor at the end of the day.
  • Arrive early.
  • Attend service learning meetings.

A complete explanation of planning responsibilities can be found on the Service Learning Planning page.


3. JOURNAL ENTRIES. Your journal entries should be posted the following Monday (by 11:00 AM) after each teaching session at Service Learning Journal Entries-2016.

Each entry should have four parts that are identified: Experience Narrative / Interpretation-Content Meaning / Personal Significance / Future Actions. Complete details and examples are at Service Learning Teaching Journal.


4. LESSON PLANS. Your lesson plans are due on the Monday (by 11:00 AM) the week before you teach. Complete directions and forms are available on the Lesson Plan Format page.


5. DOCUMENTATION. Your documentation should be posted five days after each meeting (by 11:00 AM). Information about content that should be included can be found  on the Service Learning Documentation page.




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