ART325: Academic Integrity and Course Accommodations

Academic Integrity and the Honor Pledge

Colorado State University has long upheld values of academic and scholastic integrity. The General Catalog’s “Policies and Guiding Principles” asserts that CSU “expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity that are in harmony with the educational goals of the institution” – citing “principles of academic honesty” as the first example. (1.6 Page 1).

Likewise, the General Catalog and Graduate Bulletin both note that CSU has “twice been ranked among the nation’s Top Character Building Institutions by the Templeton Foundation” and that “the foundation of a university is truth and knowledge, each of which relies in a fundamental manner upon academic integrity. . . . ” (Catalog 1.6 Page 6, Graduate Bulletin, page 51). More about academic integrity and the honor code can be found at  It is with this tradition that CSU has instituted a Student Honor Pledge. The Pledge follows:

I will not give, receive or use any unauthorized assistance.

Students in ART325 will be asked to thoroughly read the syllabus and professionalism rubric and sign the Honor Pledge after discussion with the instructor.


If you need specific accommodations due to disability, or other circumstances, please meet with the instructor as soon as possible. The instructor is committed to facilitating your success. Also note the Office of Resources for Disabled Students, 100 General Services Building, 491-6385. More information is available at  

The instructor will endeavor to insure that this classroom is free of any harassment which has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment. Please notify the instructor if you feel harassed on the basis of race, ethnic or cultural background, gender or sexual orientation. Also note the Office of Equal Opportunity, 101 Student Services Building, 491-5836. More information is available at 


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